Frequently Asked Questions

What are those cameras I see on the Long Island Expressway and parkways?

CCTV Cameras are being installed on many State roads in the Long Island region. The video is transmitted to our Transportation Management Center located in Hauppauge, NY. The video streams are used to verify reported highway incidents and, if necessary, to dispatch the appropriate response. We provide these video streams and still images to the public so they can appropriate decisions when planning their travel throughout Long Island.

Does NYSDOT save the videos to use for other purposes?

NYSDOT does not record any video footage. The video is only used for traffic management and incident response.

Why are some of the cameras not working occasionally?

We try to keep all of our cameras cameras operational at all times but they may go offline for many reasons, including:

  • Camera maintenance
  • Incident Response (cameras on the website are turned off during incidents)
  • Camera failures

Do INFORM cameras also monitor speed?

We cannot monitor speed with our camera system. The operators use the cameras to detect incidents visually. The speed-based/congestion map included in this website as a result of the ITS USDOT grant, provides the operators with congestion information for responding to incidents.