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Traffic Cams - Suffolk County


I-495 at NY 110 (LIE)

I-495 at Bagatelle Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Rest Area (LIE)

I-495 at Wicks Road E/B CD Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Exit 53 Ramp - Wicks Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Washington Ave (LIE)

I-495 at Motor Parkway Exit 55 (LIE)

I-495 at Lincoln Blvd (LIE)

I-495 at Veterans Memorial Hwy(Exit 57) (LIE)

I-495 at Terry Road (Exits 59-58) (LIE)

I-495 at Hawkins Ave (LIE)

I-495 at Waverly Ave (LIE)

I-495 at Blue Point Rd (LIE)

I-495 at N Ocean Ave (Exit 63 (LIE)

I-495 at NY 112 (Exit 64) (LIE)

I-495 at Patchogue-Holbrook Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Holbrook Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Nicolls Rd (CR97) (LIE)

NSP EB at NY 454 - Veterans Memorial Hwy (NSP)

NSP west of NY 454 overpass (NSP)

NSP East of Round Swamp Rd (NSP)

NSP at NY 110 (NSP)

NSP at Wolf Hill Road (NSP)

NSP at Deer Park Ave (NSP)

NSP at Sagtikos Pkwy (NSP)

NY27(Sunrise Hwy.) at Oakdale-Bohemia Rd. (NY27)

NY27(Sunrise Hwy.) at Smithtown Ave. (NY27)

NY27(Sunrise Hwy.) at Johnson Ave (NY27)

NY 454 (Veterans Highway) at NYS Office Bldg East Entrance (NY454)

SAG South of I-495 at Exit S2 (SAG)

SAG Exits S2(Crooked Hill Rd) to S3(Pine Aire Dr) (SAG)

SAG at Exit S3(Pine Aire Dr) (SAG)

SAG Center Median from SSP to S3 (Pine Aire Dr) (SAG)

SAG at Exit S2 (Crooked Hill Rd) (SAG)

SSP at Exit 33 (NY 109 (SSP)

SSP at Exit 35 (Wellwood Ave) (SSP)

SSP between Exit 35 (Wellwood) and Exit 36 (Straight Path) (SSP)

SSP at Exit 36 (Straight Path) (SSP)

SSP between Exit 37 (Belmont Ave) and Exit 36 (Straight Path) (SSP)

SSP at Exit 37 (Belmont Ave) (SSP)

SSP at Exit 38 (Belmont S.P.) to Exit 39(Deer Park Ave) (SSP)

SSP at Exit 39 (Deer Park Ave) N/S (SSP)

SSP at Exit 40 (RMC) to Exit 39(Deer Park Ave) (SSP)

SSP at Exit 40 (RMC) to Exit 41 (Bayshore Rd) (SSP)

SSP at Exit 40S (RMC) to Exit 41 (Bayshore Rd) (SSP)

SSP Center Median at Exit 41A (SAG and HSP) (SSP)


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